Thanks for taking the time to find out more about me.
So here goes…

My name is Nicolette and I live in the beautiful town of Kommetjie, Cape Town, with my husband and two hounds.
This place has been to me a resting place and an impartation of beauty that I never imagined possible.

I have two beautiful daughters who make me so proud to be a mom.

Although studying BA.BK. (Fine Art and then Information Design) at the University of Pretoria for two years, (not finishing my degree… life happened), I never pursued painting until my middle child, Mila, was born in 2000.

I never thought I had it in me or that I was good enough to pursue art as a career, but there was always this burning in me to create. I started painting again after a deep encounter with God. My life was turned around and my art making journey began.

On Christmas Eve, 2008, we lost our five-year old son, Benjamin. For a year I couldn’t paint anything and then slowly God started helping me through this journey of grief, and painting became a way of expressing this journey.
My first exhibition after my son passed away, was called Hope.

My paintings and illustrations are mainly done in mixed media, mostly acrylic, water colour and ink, charcoal and oil sticks. Although I’ve been painting for a while, I have been working in the medium of printmaking, specifically drypoint engraving, for the last few years. I love the process involved in printmaking. Deep down I probably am a “process” artist. That is also why I love the dry point technique. You basically have to scratch out every line on your surface, it’s physical and precise and slow. Although I do tend to then go back to my mixed media roots with hand colouring, chine-colle and embroidery, with many illustrations finding their way onto my drypoints, I do also like the honesty of a simple dry point etch.

I believe that art should, above all else, evoke emotion. Creating art for me is a deeply spiritual experience that I cannot get away from. I want a sense of wonder and the mystical to be expressed in my work while still connected to the reality, and sometimes harshness and tragedy, of everyday life. I tend to constantly return to the childlike and simple in my work and I’m probably not always “correct” in my approach but I have learned to go with what makes me happy. I have this love for words and I can’t help but write on my work. Sometimes a scripture or part of a song, sometimes a very personal part of myself, end up in writing on the artwork.

Since moving to Kommetjie, my environment and the beauty around me, has been a wonderful new “muse” to me and has slowly crept into my work.

I have certain symbols that mean something to me, but I prefer that the viewer listen for their own story and see their own message in my work.
That is what makes me happy, when I see the emotion on someone’s face as a piece of art that I made speaks to them personally.

In this tapestry called Life, I think that we can always grow and learn from one another.

My way of telling my story happens through my art and my story is always about Hope.
I have put a little journal together, and words have now also become a way for me to express this creative journey that is my life.

I hope that as you spend some time with me, you would recognise your own story reflected here, and that your heart would be turned to Him who created you wonderfully unique, for His pleasure.